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Owner of the ice-cream parlour Chiccheria and founder of the Gelato Naturale Academy.



 ”Every day I am committed to pass on the knowledge and value of the ingredients that I use”.

The research

Making natural ice-cream is my primary incentive. Making the best natural ice-cream is what I seek.

An ice-cream that must first satisfy me, that must make me smile. The right balance. It is a process of continuous research and experimentation, of new experiences that enrich me as a gelato maker and as a man. Each flavour tells a story: the territory, the ingredients, the trips, the suggestions, the emotions.

The natural gelato

Integral well-being

My work begins and ends in the pursuit of goodness and genuineness, which is why I say no to the use of hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colouring agents, chemical aromas and semi-finished industrial products. This is the only way to return to the tradition of “integral” products, intended as healthy and natural, and spread the culture of taking care of oneself, both in terms of health and taste. Well-being first.

In 2008 I founded the “Scuola Gelato Naturale”, based on the philosophy of producing an absolutely natural product, free of thickeners, colouring agents and chemical aromas, using only selected raw materials and high quality materials. In 2013, the “Scuola Gelato Naturale” evolved into the “Gelato Naturale Academy”; the structure has expanded and I now avail of the collaboration of Master Gelato Makers trained by myself.


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